Growth Of Christianity

Catholic Church is also known as Roman Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Church because it is also known as the Roman Catholics Church. This church is a historic and conservative one with beliefs and practice very similar to those of the Protestants but with some differences like taking seriously the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. It is a denomination of faith founded by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. The main Holy Sepulcher, the Vatican, and the main church structures all are found in Rome.

The Church teaches that salvation is through grace alone. This means that man is not saved by his own merits but by obedience to Jesus Christ. This is not a belief held by most Protestants since they hold to the belief that salvation is through grace and not by belief. Catholics Church teaches that religion has little to do with religious preference for any set of religious practices and beliefs. There are no formal church membership rules since all are encouraged to participate in mass without any form of payment or donation.

Catholics Church teaches that the members are bound to obey the church leader although they can worship and participate in other practices that they see fit. There is also the requirement for men to be priests and women to become queens. There is a difference between the sexes in these matters, since men and women were made to be joined together in marriage just as the two different parts of a single body are made to be joined together. There is not the clergy in the Catholic churches, although men are allowed to be ordained pastors. Priests are permitted to preach on matters of faith and conduct the Sacraments but there is no interference on the rights of conscience of the believers.

There are three levels in a Catholic church namely the regional, national, and universal. All the Catholic Churches lay claim to being the biggest denomination in the earth. In terms of the numbers of people who have accepted Christ as their savior, the Catholic Church claims to have the largest percentage of followers of any religion in the world. The denomination has grown in leaps and bounds over the years making it the most popular religion today. The growth rate of the Catholic Church has been very fast and makes it one of the most recognized religions among the people.

There is an official church organization called the Catholic Church, which is governed by a hierarchy that consists of four cardinal points – papacy, vicarates, bishops and priests. There is also the Holy communion, which is not part of the hierarchy and reserved for the believers alone. The believers are obliged to follow and accept the teachings of the church and follow the religious ceremonies like the Eucharist and the reception of the sacred Communion by the priest. The Christian church is considered as the biggest religion in the world today.

The number of Christianity has been growing tremendously within the past two decades. This is mainly due to the birth of Jesus Christ, who brought the everlasting faith. With this increase in the number of Christians and church membership also comes the growth of intolerance and disregard shown towards other Christian sects. The intolerance is mainly due to differences in opinions among the Christians over issues like belief in God, immortality, eternal life and nature of the universe. In order to bring about harmony in the society, the younger generations of Christian believers are being educated about their beliefs and the church so that the ignorance among younger generations is reduced. The church has been successful in its endeavor to enlighten people about the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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