It used to be the case that metal roofing was only considered a good choice for commercial buildings. It’s only within the last decade that homeowners have begun to jump on board with this trend, and with good reason. Read on to find out about the benefits of metal roofs for residential settings to learn why so many homeowners are making the switch.

Improvements in Style

Early metal roofs weren’t much to look at, but today’s manufacturers and roofers have stepped up their game. Instead of using sheet metal, roofers can install metal shingles or tiles more reminiscent of traditional residential roofing materials. Metal roofs come in all colors and can form a perfect complement to any home’s exterior design.

Longevity and Durability

Even though they look quite different, commercial and residential roofs are both extremely durable and boast impressive usable lifespans. Homeowners who install a metal roof won’t have to worry about replacing it. With proper care, it will withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at it and will last a lifetime.

Ease of Maintenance

Metal roofs are easy to clean and maintain. Homeowners can use bleach and non-abrasive cleaners to remove mold, mildew, algae, and even rust and can usually wash the dirt away with a simple garden hose. They can find additional details about routine cleaning procedures online and either hire a contractor for annual preventative maintenance or perform the work themselves.

Improved Safety

Metal roofs are non-flammable, which means there’s no need to worry about fire damage during lightning storms. They’re also highly resistant to storm damage, so while it’s still important to remove overhanging tree branches, homeowners have less to worry about when storms roll in.

Environmental Friendliness

Metal roofing reflects radiant heat, helping to improve its energy efficiency during the hottest months of the year. That’s not the only thing that makes it an environmentally friendly material, though. The roofing tiles or shingles are also 100% recyclable.

The Bottom Line

Metal roofing isn’t just for commercial businesses. With the help of a dedicated residential metal roofing contractor, homeowners can also take advantage of the benefits listed above and many others. Get in touch with a qualified contractor today to request a quote.